Watch the Volkwagen Passat do stunts with a trailer in tow

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What is Volkswagen Trailer Assist?

Trailers are notorious for being difficult to tow, set-up and maneuver smoothly on the road. Towing a trailer takes skill, patience and vigilance. Sounds like a lot of work! Volkswagen knew there had to be an easier way, which is why the auto maker created Trailer Assist. Just what is Volkswagen Trailer Assist? It’s an innovative technology that makes towing a trailer easier and more straightforward. Finally, towing a trailer or backing up one into a parking spot doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here’s just what this powerful technology is capable of:

Volkswagen models with Trailer Assist

Maybe one of the most difficult parts of towing a trailer is getting the steering angle right. Not only does the trailer rarely respond as one would expect, but a slight change in trajectory can throw everything off. Volkswagen has mitigated the issue with it’s Trailer Assist technology. All the driver needs to do is select reverse, press the Park Assist button and use the mirror adjustment button to choose the direction the trailer should follow. It’s really that easy and after these functions are set the vehicle steers automatically. After that, the driver only needs to worry about shifting gears, acceleration and braking.

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Currently the technology is only available on four Volkswagen models in Europe that include the Passat, Passat Alltrack, Passat GTE and Touran. While Trailer Assist isn’t available on U.S. Volkswagen models yet, we expect that to change very soon. What do you think of this technology? Do you think it will make your day easier? Sound off in the comments!

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