How to Stay Safe and Healthy on the Roads this Summer in Vermont

June 23rd, 2016 by

Vermont Summer Driving Safety and Health Tips

While the winter season with its snow-covered roads seem like a distant memory, it does not mean that we should ease our sense of caution behind the wheel. In fact many sources say that more fatal auto accidents actually occur in the summer months. Let us help keep you a little safer by offering some health and safety tips for when you are driving through Vermont this summer!

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Keep Your Eye on the Sky

Even though we don’t have any big blizzards to worry about, you should still be keeping an eye on the weather forecast for heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes. If you are caught in this type of weather, slow down, seek appropriate shelter, or pull over (if it is safe to do so) until you are comfortable to continue on your way.

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Slather on the Sunscreen

You didn’t think that sunscreen was just for a day at the lake, beach, or music festival did you? You actually are exposed to a significant amount of the sun’s rays when you are driving. And that is coming from someone who was sunburned after driving for half an hour. Put on a coat of sunscreen before getting behind the wheel!

Drink Lots of Water

Everyone is always pushing this advice in the summer, and it is extremely true for driving long distances. When sitting in the parking lot, your car’s interior temperature can increase by more than 20 degrees than the outside temperature (this is why it is extremely dangerous to leave pets and children in the vehicle). When you get back in your vehicle, you feel like you just crawled into an oven, and you start losing body fluid very quickly—even if you crank up your A/C. Make sure to take along plenty of water bottles!

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Have a Fun and Safe Summer!

We want to wish our customers and readers a fun, but safe summer! If you have any questions regarding safe summer driving, or if you need a new Volkswagen to take you on some great summertime adventures, give us a call or stop by our sales lot!

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