Don’t Let the Snow and Ice Keep You Home This Winter!

October 25th, 2016 by

2017 Volkswagen Models with AWD

The Northeast is one of the snowiest regions in the United States, to say the very least. Back when the region was first settled and cultivated, people usually stayed close to home for the whole winter season due to the cold and being snowbound (remember that snowplows didn’t exist in those days). And 15 miles to the nearest town was considered a long distance. A lot of things have changed since those days from so long ago. Most of us now have commitments that take us outside of the home every day of the year, no matter the season. But in some ways, that snow can still be a little scary. Luckily, we have several technological advances available that will make handling that snow a little easier, like 2017 Volkswagen vehicles with all-wheel drive!

What is All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive—also known as AWD—is a drivetrain that delivers additional power to each wheel on a vehicle. This allows for better traction when you encounter snow and ice-covered roads in the winter. Throughout the rest of the year, AWD is also helpful when you drive on roads soaked with rain.

What are the Best VW Vehicles for 4-H Families?


Volkswagen’s 4MOTION technology is one of the most advanced AWD systems on the market! When you are on clear and dry road conditions, the power will go to the front wheels, but when you encounter snow and ice, additional power will also be distributed to the rear wheels!

2017 VW Vehicles with AWD

The following 2017 Volkswagen models are available with AWD:

Golf R

Golf Alltrack

Golf SportWagen



Get a New VW Model with AWD Before the Snow Flies!

If you need a new vehicle that will get you wherever you need to go this winter, stop by Walker Volkswagen and test drive some of the 2017 VW models with AWD today!